Friday, 17 June 2016

Opa Elmore Eicher

Yesterday at the breakfast table at Shanti Kunj in Mussoorie, Dad thanked God for his father who had been born 112 years ago on the 16th of June.

My grandfather was christened Henry Elmore Franklin Eicher - but dropped the Henry and was known through out his life as Elmore.  His father Christian Leichty Eicher had arrived in Bombay in January 1904, and so my grand-dad was the first Eicher to be born on Indian soil.

Elmore Eicher was also the first of our clan to take Indian citizenship - for which I am so grateful!

Here is a picture of my 'Opa' (German for Grand-dad - which is what we called both sets of our grand-parents growing up) holding a 5 month version of me in September 1969 at the Alliance mission station in Nargaon.

Yesterday, as we were packing up to come back here to Lalitpur, I actually held a biography of Sadhu Sundar Singh written in 1920 by a Mrs. Parker.  On its cover was written "C. Eicher."  The handwriting looked like my grandmother's but then I did a double-take, since her name is Alice Eicher.  It probably was on of my great-grandfather's books.

As we go through a season of looking after Dad, I am again aware of the brevity of time and the value of every moment we are given to live.  

What a blessing to be able to look back on my parents, their parents and their grandparents and see God's mercies and goodness over the years.

Back in the heat of pre-monsoonal Lalitpur.  Thankful for those who have gone before us.  Grateful for small opportunities to carry on in the here and now.

Looking forward to meeting my 'Opa' Elmore Eicher again - and my great-grandfather Christian for the first time.   Good thing that I believe in the resurrection!


  1. Happy Fathers' Day to you all !!

  2. Immannuel Bundellu18 June 2016 at 00:11

    Happy father's day to Eicher daddies.