Thursday, 19 November 2015

a few words about Yohan's adoption process - and a goodly amount of silence too (for now at least)

We are coming up on a year since Yohan first came into our lives.

At this time last year we had no idea that he was present in the world.

His mother had just died.  He and his younger step brother were taken in by a good samaritan lady who found them crying on the street outside the govt. hospital where their mother was dying.  Being a single woman of modest means, she sent the boys to her mother in the village - a formidable woman who took them in.

But Yohan was also sick.  The family was just not able to care for him and so appealed to a Christ-following doctor they knew to have him cared for.   He called us.  Could we admit him at Jeevan Sahara Kendra, stabilise him, and then have him looked after in an orphanage...

Yohan was admitted at JSK on the 1st of December.  A small sick boy.  Not much hope.  

How much has changed in this year.  For Yohan.  For all of us.

Yohan did so well at JSK.  He gained weight.  We started him on the ART meds.  He was loved by many.  He not only survived, he began to thrive.  And then the question of where he would go started to crop up.   

As we prayed for options, we saw many doors shut.  We earnestly wanted him to be taken in by a family.  And slowly the voice of our Lord started speaking to Sheba and myself - that we should be that family.

On the 24th of January Yohan joined us.   It's been an amazing 10 months so far.   So much to be thankful for.  So much more work to do.  So many areas we all need to grow.  Individually. Together.  As a family.  

We got foster care rights after 6 trips to the authorities.   That was in April.  Then in August we asked to have Yohan declared free for adoption.   

I have purposely not written much about what we have been going through since we don't want to affect the 'due process' but let it be known that it has not been a very joyous experience.   One day, when the dust has settled, we will tell all.  

Till then here is a small teaser, a small glimpse into this unfolding part of our lives, a simple request for prayers on our behalf....

Yesterday Sheba went to another set of authorities in another part of the district.   The official who met her told her that the adoption guidelines have totally changed since there was so much abuse of the previous set up.  Kids being sold.  So the new process is all about being open.  All kids are to be on a website.  All prospective adoptive parents (unflatteringly abbreviated as PAPs) are to be registered on the website and then matched to their 'choices.' But the new guidelines have been dropped in without any training for all the govt. stakeholders.   

But he struck a note of hope for us, by saying that he would be uploading Yohan's details this weekend.  And then informing us so that we should do the same.  And then he said he would tell the adoption authorities that we should be given Yohan - and that he would write an order to the folks whom we have been going to so far (I am purposely not writing their title, name, place here so as not to show up on some random search engine) - and here is the kicker: he says that his order will be to those folks to declare Yohan 'free for adoption.'

If we get that ruling then it should be a matter of less than a month of going to the court and getting the adoption order as Yohan is a special needs child in a number of ways.

A lot is going on these days...

Your prayers are most welcome into the mix!  

One of these days we will be able to give you some really good news - and also be able to spill the beans on what has been going on behind the scenes (and what has not).  

Till then, stay tuned, and keep prayin'!


  1. We have been praying and will continue to do so! Thanks for the update!

  2. We're praying, too for Yohan. 2 yrs. ago, we completed an adoption hurdle of almost 3 years for our adopted grandson from China. We were often, told that chances of adopting Jeremy who was in our daughter, Monika's foster care for 3 years were very slim. BUT, GOD !

  3. its a very touching experience. i cannot say i understand what you are going through.. but i am praying for you all.. and remember you often.. If the Lord has led you in prayer then everything will roll in well in due time.. till then for the trials and bearing we can approach our Lord who gives grace abundant.. God bless your beautiful family...

  4. God bless you and Sheba with much patience and peace.

  5. Thanks for sharing Andi. Praying for you all.