Monday, 20 July 2015

Bangalore bound - and visitor from that Garden city

This morning three people got on a train bound for Bangalore (ok - it is now called Bengaluru).  Two got on at Kalyan - another joined at Karjat.  All three are currently on the train as it speeds south for a new beginning for one of them.

In what can only be called a series of acts of grace - we now have our dear boy Kim along with his uncle and Vikas - one of our JSK staff on the train.  Till the last minute we were wondering whether the uncle would cooperate after all.   Over the last 2 weeks tickets were booked (twice), authorities met (largely unfruitfully), legal declarations  were signed, Kim's 2nd line ART transfer received, his medical papers sorted out, calls and emails made to ACCEPT in Bengaluru, prayer, prayer and more prayer since Kim's uncle seemed to hem and haw.

But this morning they got on the train and tomorrow morning they should be picked up at the statoin and Kim will be welcomed into the next step of his life.

Our Yohan spent some time with Kim yesterday evening after the gospel meeting at JSK.  They parted as friends - Yohan had been praying for Kim during the dark days of his touch-and-go hospitalisation at the end of May.  Kim had come weighing 1 kg for each of the 14 years of his life.   He leaves having gained 8 kgs - still very very thin - but with hope in life and a sparkle in his eye.

Speaking of eyes - here is a shot of Kim and Yohan:

For confidentiality reasons we are not showing more - maybe you can visit us and we will show you more shots.

But we are so grateful for the fruit of many prayers.   Many of them which are sending Kim and his uncle and Vikas with God-speed through the night to a new day in Bengaluru.


This morning we had a visitor from Bengaluru.   Pastor PM John - uncle to me - has worked with my parents for many years in the early days of OM India.   

We have not met for at least 2 decades - but when uncle hear of Dad's condition he called up from the US (where he was at the time) and said that he and aunty were praying and that he would surely come and meet Dad and Mum.

Today he did.  

How amazing to see the bonds of love - that stretch across the years.   

We were further blessed by another dear couple from that era - uncle John and aunty Priscilla Gladstone.

Lunch was a blessed affair.  

Uncle PM John has been involved in setting up rehabilitation centres for drug users and people struggling with alcohol.  They started from their own home and church in Banglore.  Today Life Challenge has centres in Bangalore, Kerala, Rajasthan, Manipur and Nagaland.  How amazing to see what God is doing through His faithful servants.

Uncle John and aunty Priscilla have been working with abandonned children through the Friendship Centre in Airoli.

What a joy to have these saints with us!

Blessings all mine with 10,000 besides.

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