Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Prayers of little saints

Tuesday evenings mean Bible study for the Eichers - and a few others too.  Just after 7 PM the 5 of us pile into our Papaya and drive over to sister Shanti's home.  This evening a local festival saw the main road being blocked and turned into a fun-fair around a temple - and so we took a wide detour and then crawled through the crowds before we finally made it (1/2 an hour late) to the home.

We remembered Yohan's meds this time - and so when my alarm went off at 9 PM I had the little pill box ready and slipped out the pills and gave him his water to drink - while the study was moving to its end.  I expected Yohan to just swallow them down - we have not seen him grimace at the pill burden so far.  So I was a bit surprised when Yohan did not immediately take his meds. 

A split-second later I saw why.

Enoch was next to Yohan.  Eyes closed.  Holding Yohan's hand. Quietly praying into Yohan's ear for the medicine to be a blessing to Yohan.  All this while the study continued.  A moment to melt a father's heart.  Spontaneous love from one son to another.

At the end of our Tuesday nights at Shanti's home we share a meal together.  We normally bring one of Sheba's famous dal or bean dishes (this evening it was rajma) and plenty of papads. Shanti provides the rice and has started adding something else too (this evening some 'chinese' noodles).

But before the food is dished out we have a time of prayer.

Yohan looked and me and asked me when we asked people to share what they would like prayer for.  He asked me quietly whether he could ask for a request - and I said of course...

"Please pray for my friend Kushal" said Yohan.  "He is very sick and has been admitted at JSK."

Kushal (not his real name of course) was admitted yesterday evening.  Re-admitted I should say, since we first admitted him for care on December 14th last year.  At that time he was very sick.  Yohan had just pulled through his first 2 weeks at our centre - and was a real encouragement to Kushal.

Kushal's parents had died last year.  And he was left alone.  All alone.  So alone that he was starving and sick.  Finally, a cousin of his took him under her wing.  She was studying in a simple 'Bible college' and persuaded the folks there to take in Kushal into their 'orphanage' (a small hostel for children from difficult situations). 

Kushal really was not cared much for at this place.  The head of the college had called me a few weeks earlier and told me that they had a boy who was HIV positive.  I asked him to bring the boy to us so that we could assess him and help with treatment.  They finally brought him in a precarious condition.  Kushal was semi-conscious.  Sheba thought we would lose him.  He pulled through.  And this is where Yohan met him first.  He prayed with him.  Encouraged Kushal to eat - as Kushal was painfully thin.  Told him that he also has the sickness.  And eventually played with him.   We discharged Kushal just before Christmas as his cousin had to rejoin the college.

Sadly, Kushal has slipped back to where he was.  He is very sick again. 

Yohan went to JSK today to be part of the first session of our Adolescent groups.  There he found out that Kushal was back and went to see him.   The meeting was not a happy one as Kushal was sleeping and Yohan knows that he is very sick.

And so we have the prayer request from our son Yohan to pray for his friend Kushal.

Could you join in this prayer too - for a brave, skinny, sick orphan boy who our nurses and doctors are working to keep alive tonight?

The prayers of the little saints directly touch the heart of King Jesus.

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these... (Mark 10.14)

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