Saturday, 24 January 2015

Valmik Eicher

This morning we welcomed Valmik into our family!

For the last month and a half we have been praying for a home for this lovely 11 year old orphan boy.

Over the past week we took the step of faith - from our scripture readings over the past weeks we see over and over again that God cares for the fatherless and the orphans.  We have gradually, incrementally come to the conclusion that God is answering our prayers - and that He has chosen our family to be the answer to our desire for Valmik to have a home.

So Sheba and I have a new son - and Asha and Enoch a new brother.

What a blessing to have Oma and Opa with us at this amazing time.

By mid-week we made our decision - Saturday morning we will bring Valmik home.  

This morning Sheba went over to JSK at 9 AM - her usual time.  But she came home with a new son.  Valmik brought his tiger "Karan" along with him as well.

So this is what the Thane Eichers look like as of 24.1.2015

As soon as we welcomed Valmik into the home - he went with Enoch bhaiya to play.  Out came the duplos and the two builders got to work.

 Half an hour later - the house was brought out for our inspection.

Who would have imagined at the end of 2014 that we would start 2015 with a new son.  But here he is - a living miracle and a blessing to us already.

In the coming months we will be built up as a family.  Like the bright duplo bricks - we have different sizes and colours  and functions, but we are being built together by our Master-builder Jesus Himself into being a dwelling place for Him.

We solicit your prayers as we embark on this new chapter to the Eicher adventure.

The next few weeks will see us work through the paper work and rework our schedules to be able to look after Valmik.  We are going to be immersing ourselves in non-traditional education as we help Valmik read and write.  We are going to be exploring ourselves as we find out who we are in a new way.  It's a wonderful journey - and a terrifying one as well - but we know who holds our hand.
With Oma and Opa with us for another week - we have a beautiful opportunity to dedicate Valmik to the Lord tomorrow morning at the house church which meets in Jolly and Suma's home.  We wish all of you could be with us on this happy day - but know that many of you who read this will be rejoicing with us in spirit and that your prayers are going to be carrying us forward!

We look forward to all of you getting to know the newest Eicher a lot better over the coming weeks and months.  This morning Valmik has come home.  


  1. May Valmik and his family be blessed abundantly. We are praying for you all.

  2. Wow Andi and Sheba ! I rejoice with you ! Truly , the one who calmed the seas holds your hand. Your Savior, like a shepherd leads you ! Praying much for the Eicher family. God bless !