Tuesday, 16 September 2014


We have been given art.

Real art.  The painting kind.

Big art.  3 ft by 4 ft.

I should know - since I brought it on the train from Delhi - a big package that we stowed up on the top berth - half covering the lights - and then slipped down while sleeping - and then got onto a bus to Thane where the art-work was given a bus ticket as well...

Exciting art.  Red all over the canvas.  Images that challenge you to think.

And so this morning we had the unveiling.  Drs. Mokshaa and Marise did the honours:

The acrylic on canvas painting is titled "Possibilities" and is painted by Sanjay Kumar Biswal.

It is a big, challenging painting.

One that we can look at and ponder for a long time.  And we know that many thoughts will be sparked as this magnificent painting hangs at the Jeevan Sahara Kendra from now on...

But here are some of the ideas expressed in the discussion with our staff when we first saw the painting together:

  • the gap between those who have and those who do not have - the school-going kids and the rag-pickers
  • the painting is all red - is this blood?  it is the sun?
  • in the corner is a heart - or is it a garbage bag?  or both?
  • what is keeping the kids from going to school?  They are all wearing chappals - are their invisible chains holding them back
  • the girl with the biggest sack seems to be looking towards the school going kids... does she think she can join them? is she jealous? does she have hope herself?
  • the buildings in the background... don't they look like books?
  • the painter has called the painting 'possibilities' - surely these kids can also join the other ones
  • uniforms mean that rich and poor wear the same clothes
  • the busses are mobile  - the can take the kids away to a better place
  • who knows how many of the kids getting into the busses were ones that previously looked on?  Maybe a local church or organisation has helped them make the transition?
  • the pattern of the girl's dress seems to echo the pattern of the garbage around.. could something beautiful come out of trash?
  • if Jesus were born into this community, where would he be?  Still collecting trash - or getting into the school-bus?

We are so grateful to Stefan and Neeru for gifting us with this amazing piece of art - and know that it will resonate in our work for a very long time!

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  1. Fabulous! Praise GOD and bless Stefan and Neeru's BIG heart...