Tuesday, 26 November 2013

One life at a time

We got an amazing SMS this morning:  Keep me in ur prayers as I have to testify today against 7 sex traffickers in the Sewri Court today.

The man who sent it is a pastor and dear friend of ours - we won't publish his name - because of his own deep modesty.  He is quite fearless as a person and has been an inspiration to us as he and his church live out a love of Jesus to the core.

One of the many things that this man does is to work with the International Justice Mission in their work of liberating under-age trafficked girls and going after the perpetrators in the sex-trade.  Its gritty work, including going on raids and standing witness to see that those who sell humans are actually prosecuted.   IJM (and other groups like them such as Justice and Care, Freedom Firm etc) are seeing a small trickle of legal victories take place.  These steps means it is just a bit harder for men and women to continue what most of us have given up on: the widespread sexual exploitation that continues to flourish in our midst.

Would you pray for our brave pastor as he testifies this morning?  For his church as they continue to press forward in faith and love.  And for the many girls who need to move into new lives?  There are no easy band-aid solutions.  But we know that change can be brought forward one life at a time.

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