Saturday, 25 May 2013

Post Cards from Paradise

More post-cards from Paradise.

To begin with - the sheer joy of waking up to breakfasts like this:

Sheba and Nalini making the perfect wada - with coconut chutney and peanut chutney to boot - and washed down with coffee and paisam.  While outside the sun streams through the windows.

Or would you prefer a more old-school Mussoorie breakfast  heavy on cinnamon buns?

On the 'lazy susan' is a jar of Oma's latest - a tart orange marmalade that is out of this world.

The day the unfolds to whatever needs to be done.

A day hike.  Or a round or two of badminton.  Or a read out in front...

There are always books to be devoured - and a small treasure trove of Tintin and Asterix comics to be chuckled over a new.

But what makes Shanti Kunj special is not the physical beauty itself - or even the salubrious surrounds...  rather it is the wonderful people.  People like our dear friend Phil who we have the delight of having with us!


And of being able to hear stories of old.   This time we were blessed to hear Oma tell us about that magical time in 1961 when she as a young woman in Spain put her full trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

 Last night, well after supper we had another new twist to Shanti Kunj.

Our own Mehndi studio!

 Under the witty and able hands of Asha, three generations of ladies had their hands designed beautifully!

Can you tell which hand belongs to whom?

And so we send our last postcard of tonight - a picture of Shanti Kunj in the full moon - taken earlier this evening as we came up after attending the Intermediate Concert at Woodstock School.

And so to all a good night (especially the three of us who are going to go up at the midnight hour to watch the Champions League final match between Bayern Muenchen and Borussia Dortmund!  Ole ole ole!

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  1. I have great memories of Shanti Kunj, your parents and the awesome stash of books! My regards to all.