Thursday, 21 March 2013


At the end of January Mum and Dad had a surprise visitor.

Make that three!

In mid-afternoon while Mum was taking a nap (and Dad was deep in his recovery mode from the neck injury), the door bell rang.

This is who was at the door to bless their beloved Opa:

Anjali and Ashish - and lurking in the background - their Dad - Stefan himself.

To say that Oma and Opa were bowled over is an understatement.

But the surprises didn't end there.....

The skies opened up and it snowed! 

So instead of the normal sunny winter that Mussoorie has - the happy threesome joined Oma and Opa for a winter-wonderland!  When the sun finally came out - this was the scene on the terrace at Shanti Kunj:

Needless to say - all the power went off - and so the whole family camped in the front room, heated by that ancient 'bukhari' and did some good reading.  Good to see Anjali getting into quality literature - and not being satisfied by any old English translation - but perferring her Asterix to be in the mother tongue itself!

But kids can't stay indoors for long - especially with all the white stuff outside.  So off with Oma and Stefan they went.

Art has to be done.  Especially 3D art using available resources:

One of the above is a spitting image of Stefan.  Which one now....

And so as the heat starts to soar in Thane, we thank God for the memories of a cooler time which arrived today by email from Dad.   Hooray for Stefan and Neeru and their happy brood!  It may have been cold outside, but there were many warm hearts!