Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Two brothers

So how does my Uncle Jack look like now?  Well, Dad asked for a picture - and got one.  I have been looking at the picture - studying it - trying to see parts of Dad (and by extension... me) in Jack's face.

Here are the two brothers: 

Sylvia and Jack Vauqulin

Christa and Ray Eicher

Unbeknownst to each other - they both Jack and Dad were in India at the same time in 1958-1959.  Dad was finishing high school in Kodaikanal. He graduated in 1959 - and then went to the US for college.  At that time Uncle Jack was in Doomdooma, Assam where his daughter Dawn was born in 1960 at the Longsoal hospital in Panitola, Assam.   By the time Dad returned to India in 1964 Jack had left to go back to South Africa.

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