Thursday, 5 January 2012


When did you come to India he asked.

We were travelling by car to Kalyan. He is an insurance professional attached to a bank (his branch manager - a dear friend of mine was driving).

"His father was born here" said my manager friend - giving one part of the story.

"Actually my grandfather was born in Bombay" I replied. "Our family came here 107 years ago."

And then I realised that we have tripped into 2012.

"Make that 108 years ago" I said "my great-grandfather landed in Bombay in January 1904."


And so the new year is well and truly upon us. God is very good. We are plunged into life and are swirling around as we have been for the last few months. Since my work and home computers remain infected with the undetectable google-crashing virus - I have sneaked this post off from my father's comp.

More later. Much more. We have a lot to tell. Blessings from the Eichers to all our dear friends as we see 2012 blossom in front of us.


  1. What a blessing, 108 years
    We are waiting for more ...

  2. 108!!! Your family has been a blessing. Thank you. Would like to know more about your family history