Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Take me home

We had a time of reflection with our staff today.

One questions we asked was: in the last month - what experience made you ask "Why God?"

In two separate groups (our interns whom I met with this morning - and our male staff whom I met this afternoon) the same answer was given:

An elderly woman, lying on a cot in the government hospital, begging for someone to take her home.

This woman had been dumped in the hospital. The people who brought her were gone. She was crying and asking someone, anyone to take her home.

Our staff had visited to govt. hospital to meet with people who are HIV positive. They came across this lady in her wretched state. She could hardly hear - and so they had to talk loudly to try and comunicate with her.

They felt totally powerless and angry.

We talked about this. We talked about the inhumanity we see around us. We talked about the broken state of the world and the need for healing. For justice. For forgiveness. We prayed.

There will come a time -we know - and there really will be a place where there will be no more tears. Part of the outrage that we feel in our hearts points towards this place that we have not yet experienced - but that we innately long for. A true home.

Take me home.

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