Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A teachable moment

We were eating lunch. The newspaper was open.

Enoch read an exerpt which had been highlighted - and then asked me the question any father dreads to hear.

"Daddy, what is Lady Gaga?"

The quote in question went as follows "Twitter and Facebook are great for organising and spreading a message of protest, but it can also spread a message of caution, delay, confusion or, I don't have time for all this politics, did you see what Lady Gaga is wearing?"

Enoch is waiting for me.

Small swallow and then jump into the answer.

"Enoch, you know that there are some times people try to get attention by wearing very few clothes?"

Enoch: "Yes"

"And you know that people look at them in bad ways? Well Lady Gaga is a person who does that a lot - and she is very famous for doing that."

Enoch: "OK"

So there you have it. My first conversation with my son about Lady Gaga.

What a world young Enoch is in. What a world Enoch's Daddy lives in.


  1. "One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters...."

    A question which was very well answered:)!!