Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lego F1

In a universe far, far away from the mundane one we live in - a race is going on.

Not your normal one, mind you. One where the roar of engines bellows and where the cheers of the crowd swirl up with the fumes of petrol and burning rubber...

All at a very small scale of course.

Welcome to another father-son collaboration - our own lego F1

As cars come down the final stretch they are desperately vying for position.

The stands whiz by them as they jockey for every available inch of road trying to best each other.

Who finally crosses the line and gets the black and white chequered flag?

Thats for our race controlers to decide up in their tower....

And so the games go on.

The glory of lego - the game that you build and play and dream and build again.


in the mean time, Enoch has populated the cars with robot drivers... the game continues...

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