Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Road called hope

We have walked some way along the Misery Road with Mallika.

By God's grace our friends in Ooty are willing to take Mallika on board - offering her a job with a handicraft unit - while working with her to build a new identity and work through the many scars she bears.

Small. Boyish in her dress and appearance. Mallika is all of 21 years old. But she has already seen such sorrow.

We are now working to getting her down to Ooty as soon as possible. Today one of our friends managed to book her a ticket to Bangalore on a bus for Thursday afternoon (trains are way over-booked since we are still in the Diwali festivities). We hope to have someone meet her there on Friday and then she will be taken up to Ooty, and the new parts of her life.

Everything still hangs by a thread. Will she come? Will she go all the way there? What are the things that are tugging her heart? What thoughts go on through her mind?

No easy answers. No quick fixes. But everything, everything we do for God and in the amazing name of Jesus, makes sense. And each life invested in - as slight and inconsequential as that life may be to the vast grinding wheels of history around us - each life is of collossal worth...

We continue to walk along a road called hope.


Post Script - 13.11.2010

Mallika has safely made it down to Ooty where she has been given a job and will be living in a transitional living arrangement that the Freedom Firm helps run. We are so grateful for the amazing work that Freedom Firm does. Thanks also to our friends at Oasis India Trust who helped Mallika transition through Bangalore yesterday. Thanks for your prayers too!

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