Thursday, 1 May 2008


Premila celebrated her birthday yesterday. She has now spent half of her life so far in the US - after the bulk of the first half being in India. Here's looking at you Sister! May God grant you many more circles around the sun - and may each one of them be far sweeter than the previous spins!

Tomorrow Premi leaves the US, having spent the last few years in Boise, Idaho. Premi will head over to the UK to attend a residential experience in inner healing and deliverance at the Ellel Ministries in N. England. In early July she will be coming out to India and helping out Mum and Dad in their ministry with Ellel.

I am proud of my sister - of the positive choices she is making in her life.

At the beginning of this year we looked back at our extended family and marvelled at the wonderful changes that took place in Peter and Yashmeet's life. They now see their stay in Kenya primarily as being there to help others know God better - rather than being the Africa representative for a large immigration consultancy. Seeing what God did in their lives we have been praying for similar changes in our lives - and in the life of Premi. We cannot be bound to the past. Life is too short.

Its an exciting time for all of us Eichers and the Thane branch of the family are all looking forward to when we can meet up with Premi!.

Take these broken wings

and learn to fly again

learn to live and love so free

and when we hear the voices sing

the book of love will open up for us

and let us in

- Mr. Mister

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